Light Cure Super Glue

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At Checkout, Peg Hooks, End Caps, Clip Strips

About the Product

SureHold® Helios Light Cure Cyanaoacrylate Adhesive offers your customer the dual bonding technology that combines a premium high-quality, industrial strength super glue with a blazingly fast light cure. Repairs can be done at the speed of light - Fixes and Cures in 3 seconds with UV LED light. Package contains one 20 gram bottle of glue and LED flashlight, 1AA battery required, battery not included.

      • 1 ct package
      • Merchandise on peg hooks, clip strips, or dump bin. Great item near registers or other impulse items by the checkout area
      • Odorless, Industrial Strength, Extremely fast, tack-free curing in 2-5 seconds with LED light
      • Good for sensitive electronic assemblies, arts and crafts. Bonds: Metal, Wood, Glass, Plastic, Leather and More!
      • Bonds and Fills Gaps. Eliminates the need for accelerators. Can be used as a coating


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SH-22021 1 Light Cure Super Glue 658897220218 $19.99 $12.43
SKU: SH-22021
Case Pk: 1
Description: Light Cure Super Glue
UPC: 658897220218
SRP: $19.99
Wholesale Cost: $12.43



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