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At Checkout, Countertops, Dump Bins, Front End Shelves, Peg Hooks

About the Product

Everyone loves a good card game. Keep these Aviator Playing Cards on hand for customers so they may enjoy poker, spades, or any other card game with their friends and family.

      • 12ct PDQ display of playing cards, 6 blue, 6 red (also peggable)
      • Merchandise as a standalone PDQ or peg each pack near other impulse items by the checkout area
      • Deck of 52 cards + Jokers is perfect for traditional card games from Texas Hold 'Em to Go Fish
      • Excellent quality with smooth finish, crisp feel, and classic pattern, bordered back
      • Made in the USA


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SKU Case Pk  Description  UPC SRP Wholesale Cost
AV00914 12 Aviator Playing Cards 073854009147 $4.99 $2.24
SKU: AV00914
Case Pk: 12
Description: Aviator Playing Cards
UPC: 073854009147
SRP: $4.99
Wholesale Cost: $2.24



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