SmartCell® Wall Plate Dual USB Charger (2.1A/10.5W) - SC20211




$7.50 per

Smartcell® Wall Plate 2 Port Dual USB Outlet Portable Plug-In Charger AC Receptacle 2.1A for Home, Travel or Office. Screw-less, Easy to Install, (fits easily over all standard outlets and installs in seconds). Power Surge Protection ETL / UL Certified Listed - Black


Set your wall outlet free.  Charge two devices while keeping an outlet completely open. Requires no installation. Simply plug it into an existing outlet.

  • PLUG AND PLAY, NO INSTALLATION NEEDED– Easy to setup and use.  Just plug it into any existing grounded outlet, home socket and it will get working. Converts any standard 110V power outlet into 2 USB charging outlets. Perfect for Kitchen Countertops, Bedrooms, Office and more.
  • DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS - Two High-tech “Smart” USB ports precisely read the power need and deliver optimal power and charges accordingly. Charge iPhones, iPads, and many other cell phones, tablets and USB devices.
  • SAFETY & PROTECTION - Advanced design offers power surge protection.  UL Certified listed.
  • FAST CHARGING -Offers fast, full-speed charging for 2 smartphones simultaneously or 1 tablet. Provides 2.1A with one device, 1A + 1A with two.
  • CONVENIENT PORTABLE SOLUTION - Sleek, small and travel ready. Take it with you to hotels, remote offices, wherever you go! (Does Not Convert Voltage)