Plastic Surgery Super Glue

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12 pcs


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At Checkout, Peg Hooks, End Caps, Clip Strips, Dump Bin

About the Product

SureHold® Plastic Surgery Super Glue helps your customers bond today's engineered plastics. Tired of hearing "tube of glue is rock solid or the cap has glued itself shut?" SureHold' s patented Drip-Proof, Clog-Proof Applicator solves this problem!

      • 12 ct blister cards
      • Merchandise on peg hooks, clip strips, or dump bin. Great item near registers or other impulse items by the checkout area
      • Not only can this bond more of today’s engineered plastics, such as acrylic, ABS, nylon, fiberglass, plexiglass, PVC, Urethane, it can also repair ceramics, aluminum, wood, metal, rubber, beads, gems, and more!
      • Easy to use! Precise and controlled distribution of the glue whether you want one drop or a bead of glue, you control the flow Minimal clean up; glue is drawn back into the tube once pressure is released.
      • Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastics


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SH-302 12 Plastic Surgery Super Glue 658897003026 $3.29 $1.44
SKU: SH-302
Case Pk: 12
Description: Plastic Surgery Super Glue
UPC: 658897003026
SRP: $3.29
Wholesale Cost: $1.44



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